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E-Mail directly with the driver of the truck on its way!

Stay apprised of or be alerted realtime to any activity or status while your fleet executes their activities on the road.
E-Mail directly to an onboard computer For companies that use Trimble Transport & Logistics onboard computers, we offer a CG-Connect based service that relays messages, either generated or entered manually by drivers, to an email- address, on occasion providing drivers with options for different addresses. We have also made it possible to send an e-mail to a CarCube, to which of course the driver can reply. The sender of the original message will receive this reply plus the original message in their Inbox.   We offer this solution both locally, utilizing your own Exchange/Outlook server, or as hosted SaaS- solution, where the mailbox for the traffic of the board computer is hosted by us. You will be added to our Mailservice and will be able to communicate with your vehicles via email address: ‘licenseplate’@domain.eu – e.g. BX-LH-70@domain.eu In both cases, there are a number of facets where you decide the direction, like which messages you want to send by email, where they must go – to your planning, fleet manager or perhaps to your customer – do you want to send messages in a limited time window, etc. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.