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Configure your connections

CG-Connect  CG-Connect is a software tool that will enable you to connect systems completely to your own wishes, without the need for customization.  With our software you can collect data, offered in all possible ways from one source, and offer it to another system. The techniques necessary to do this, is our business. The content of the data-exchange is yours.  Connections are created by means of configuration: you indicate which information you want to send, where and in which form to which target. And if first tries donít provide the desired result, nothing is set in stone: youíre free to change it how and when you want to.  Do you want control of raw data before it enters your financial system, or simply of the progress of data throughout each step? This too is configurable by yourself. Any ongoing insights can also be taken into account and incorporated at any time you see fit.  Lead time is short, realization is fast and there are application possibilities for any form of data-exchange.    Concept implementatie  During implementation, a few topics will be addressed, like configuration of data-exchange protocols, desired/required data checks and of course the actual data itself. All of this is translated to connectors, message sets, messages and fields.  The complete configuration is displayed in a (.NET) front-end which speaks for itself. With the help of this front-end, the user also maintains insight and control of their own data, which is presented in understandable terminology and can be followed through the chain in a completely transparent way from beginning to end.  All configuration is valid throughout specific time-frames which, among other things, makes it possible to add vehicles on a temporary basis, have vehicles collect data from or send data to different backoffice systems and  manage yet-to-be-supplied changes in software of suppliers beforehand.
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