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Advice and project management

Objectively asking the right questions. Everyone looks

at things from his or her own perspective. It can be very difficult to

see beyond one’s own expectations and routines simply because 

this is the area of one’s expertise and it is where you know exactly

what to do.

Not just words We have already helped dozens of customers successfully in finding answers to questions in technical, functional and organizational areas. In these cases you can be assured that we’re working not just looking from a theoretic, but mostly from a practical standpoint at what you want to achieve in your organization. Whether you only want to know what IT can do for your company, are in the middle of a implementing a completely new ERP while phasing out all islands in the chain, or you want to research how to actually get the ROI promised when you purchased your software...  We will help you look at your process objectively and you will likely be the one asking the right questions to reach your goal. ICT and automation projects - what are we talking about? A consultant: Someone who is able to think along your lines, because they recognize your situation and has in the past successfully offered solutions to problems you are still trying to deal with. But also someone who can advise you, because they are open to the unique elements of your specific situation. A project manager: Someone who can control the three aspects of each project: budget, time and resources. Someone who can link relevant matters to the appropriate party, no matter if it relates to reception or to the board room, and makes sure any and all answers are provided for questions crucial to the success of the project. Software: A computer program which adds positive value to the process it is supposed to facilitate and makes that process run more smoothly.